100 hr / Yearly Service
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Service Description

Most marine engines require a yearly service, which is performed at least once a year or every 100hrs of engine operation, whichever comes first. This is probably a boat owners most important service, it helps keep your engine safe and running properly and it prevents further more expensive damage and repairs down the road.

Most 100hr/yearly services inlcude:

Water pump kit / impeller
Spark plugs
Engine grease / prop shaft grease
Engine oil / oil filter
Fuel filter
Fuel / water separator
Gear oil change
Cap / rotor / spark plugs

* Different engines require different services, not all services may be applicable to all engines, condition of engine and parts also plays a factor in what is perfromed at your yearly / 100hr service.

COST: On average the majority of boat owners should expect to spend between $400-$500 a year per engine on routine service.

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