The following questions and tips are here to help buyers planning their own shipping, or any customer who is interested in their shipment placed through us. Please feel free to ask us any of these questions regarding your shipment.

Questions to ask when Obtaining a quote:

  1. What is the transit time? Transit times vary greatly thoughout the globe, make sure to ask your sales rep or shipping agent for an approximate freight time.
  2. When or how often does the ocean freight ship leave the port?Another important detail to be aware, knowing when the boat leaves the port can help you to be ready for the quickest delivery.
  3. How much is insurance?Insurance varys depending on the product, but most ocean freight insurance prices for vessels run in the $10 to $15 range per every $1,000 of value insured.
  4. Will it ship RORO (roll on, roll off) or in a container?Generally there are two types of shipping methods, in a container or RORO. A container shipment is exactly what it sounds like, the boat is packed into either a 20' or 40' container however it will fit and then shipped. RORO is simply where the boat is rolled into a storage area of the boat and transported that way (shrinkwrapping is highly recomended for this method).
  5. Can I ship a boat without a trailer?Any boat can be shipped without a trailer, it can sometimes increase the delivery charge to the port, but may be less expensive overall, since the shipping price is calculated on sq/ft, boats shipped without a trailer save a lot in space. However, cradles will need to be purchased (cradles are wooden holders for the boat to sit on while in transit if no trailer is present).
  6. Will the hard top, t-top, radar be removed (if necessary)?Depending on the shipment method used and the size of the boat, sometimes t-tops, radar arches and hard tops must be removed or folded down, always make sure you know if this will be happening, as you will need to prepare for arrangements to have the item re-assembled once it arrives.
Things to know before requesting a quote:
  • Length overall, including full trailer length if applicable.
  • Height (including any arches, tops, etc).
  • Width
  • Current location of the boat and the desired port or geographic area